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February  10,  2019

Variety of gauges in aggregate testing!


There are a lot of speculations that what is aggregate testing and what are the different kinds of gauges which are u...

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February  06,  2019

Purpose of using a plastic desiccator!


We all know that a desiccator is used quite often in the laboratory. It is to dry a chemical or better keep the ...

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February  01,  2019

What is Microtome in Histology?


Microtome is one of the techniques of cutting the tissues in a very small sections. This is a technique which is used...

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January  31,  2019

What is the use of student kymograph?


Kymographs aren’t very familiar unless you are into their field. They are mainly used in the field of zoology. ...

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January  28,  2019

Why are Microscope Slides made of Glass?


We all know that a microscope slide helps us solve so many cases and in millions of things to research. In fact, it i...

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