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September  18,  2018

What does the School Science Chemistry Lab Equipment consist of?


Most labs are either multipurpose or utilized for a sole purpose. One of those labs are the chemical laboratories where all the procedures and experiments related to the field of chemistry. For a moment, think about how a chemistry lab would be organized. A neat, clean lab with all the basic equipment is what everyone can picturize. However, do you know why that particular equipment is used? Alternatively, do you know why it is given much importance? Here is a basic guide to what exactly chemical lab equipment is and how it is useful in the chemical laboratory.

Every chemistry lab will have the safety instruments first. The safety goggles and other safety equipment. You will also notice beakers, conical flasks, boiling flasks, test tubes, tongs, racks and watch glasses. You will also make note of crucibles, funnels, graduatedcylinders, volumetric flasks, pipettes, droppers, burettes and what not. All these instruments are actually utilized for important tasks like storing the solutes and the solvents, storing the freshly prepared solutions. 

The reason you will notice the safety equipment first is that it is cautioned to work at your own risk. You should be extra careful and extra safe while working. You should make sure you follow all the safety protocols and not expose your skin in front of chemicals. Ignoring the safety precautions can land you in a big soup.

The other glassware and plastic ware you see are the most basic things in every laboratory they help you with the basic and important things like mixing, stirringand heatingchemicals. In addition, they help in storing liquids for a short while. Some instruments are used for estimation and measuring the liquids while others like test tubes help in testing the samples and measuring them. Funnels and graduated cylinders are used to measure the volume and there are several markings to ease up our work. 

There are other important instruments too but these are some of the main and the most important instruments in a chemical laboratory.