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October  30,  2018

Importance of Heat Transfer in Mechanics!


Heat transfer is a vast field in the engineering systems and thermodynamics. We encounter it daily as it is a part and parcel of life. There a lot of things which are designed on the basis of this transfer. Some of the examples are heater, air conditioning system, freezer, the refrigerator, the pressing iron and many other household appliances. It also plays a major role in everything we use like the car radiators etc.

This theory is concerned about the use, generation and conversion of heat energy form one form to another. Also, there are a lot of mechanisms like conduction, convection and radiation which are the most integral part of any phenomenon happening in the surroundings.

The conduction is called as the exchange of kinetic energy through close contact of particles. They are most prominent in solids. Also, when it flows from one different temperature to another, that is heat transfer. These mechanisms follow the laws of thermodynamics. 

Heat convection occurs in liquids and gases (fluids) and when they carry it while flowing. And thermal radiation is when there is vacuum or any transparent medium. It is the transfer of energy by taking the help of photons in the electromagnetic waves by the same laws.

Scientists have invented a lot of devices and equipments to observe the various properties and mechanisms of this branch. Heat transfer in machines is very interesting and is studied by a lot of engineering students worldwide.

There is equipment to observe the thermal conductivity and the described in different mediums and vessels. It is all the more fun performing the experiments and taking down the observations. Heat transfer finds is applications almost everywhere in this world. You must have encountered this process in daily life itself.