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October  29,  2018

What is the concept of fluid mechanics?


A very crucial concept in Physics, fluid mechanics is all about the flow of various fluids in the environment and around us. It includes things like their properties, their interactions, their movement –everything. This category itself is a great and interesting field. 

To prove this point, we have some very early theories like Archimedes Principle, Bernoulli’s Equations and concepts like buoyancy, viscosity, laminar flows and streamlining etc. Basically, this theory is the study of various fluids like liquids or gases when they are in rest or in motion. 

They have various properties like density which is mass per unit volume, velocity field, timelines, path lines , streak lines and stream lines. Their other properties like viscosity, surface tension, capillarity and buoyancy are also studied. They follow a number of rules and equations when they flow in the vector field or through a channel, pipe or over a surface. Their flow can either be steady or unsteady type.

There are laws of thermodynamics, conservation of mass, Newton’s Second Law of Motion and the principle of angular momentum which govern these fluid mechanics. Also, to measure various parameters of it we have list of physics lab equipment. There are kits to verify Archimedes Principle and many other parameters. There is apparatus for measuring and observing the pressure of different fluids. Also, to understand the expansion of discussed, there are instruments and apparatus for that too.

Also, it finds its applications in various fields. They can be used in the department of meteorology, aerospace and automobile industry, turbomachines and hydraulics, refrigeration’s, havoc systems and in renewable energy systems. These are just a few to name but there are many fields which employ the concept of this branch.

They are also used in health sectors for making artificial hearts. They are also used in making Ferro fluids which can be used for medical drugs. The concept of the described field is also used in MEMS the study of objects which range from micrometer to millimeter measurement.