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October  23,  2018

What is a math lab in school?


Every school needs to have a math lab. It is a designated place for all those students who believe that learning this subject can be fun and exciting too. It is interactive, engaging and at the same time endearing. It is good for those students who would want to master the subject.

The lab will be efficient for teaching lessons without the students referring to numerous books but using lots of brains and tools. These kind of labs need to be incorporated in every school. This is because, students and teachers alike will be less stressful while carrying out the math sessions. For proper lab sessions, all you need to have is a spacious room, lots of creative instruments and equipment and an enthusiastic teacher or trainer. 

Thus, for a good setup you would basic things like a whiteboard, a few notice boards to put up colorful charts, and desks to signify workstations. Now, the teacher should ask students to use their creativity and make wonderful and colorful charts of various math formulae. This will prove to be effective because whenever the students come, they will look at those charts and remember those basic formulae. The teachers’ job is half done here!

The teachers can also paste posters about mathematicians so that they will at least know about some of the famous mathematicians. 

Now, how well can math lab look?

You can prepare the whole lab by removing unnecessary books. Incorporate a lot ofcolorful content and TVs and objects like scales, rulers. Involve a lot of fun activities. Place good amount of tables and desks. Use a lot of AVs (audio visuals).

You can also visit the local manufacturers who supply mathematics lab equipment. Collaborate with them for setting the products in the lab at an affordable price.

Make sure the instruments are functional and working. Then, teach the students how to use them. Prepare good set of experiments where the students learn to use protractors, graph, statistical calculators. 

This is how a math lab should be in a school.