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March  06,  2019

How to acquire accurate and efficient ECE Lab Equipment?


It is quite important these days to have the best laboratory facilities in any place: be it school or college. But wh...

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March  04,  2019

What are concrete cube molds?


Cube molds are basically used for the preparation of the various test pieces of concrete. These cube molds are found ...

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March  03,  2019

Why is the plastic wash bottle used?


Wash bottles is an equipment where you can squeeze. Also, there is a nozzle which is required to help rinse different...

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March  02,  2019

What gas is used in chemical laboratory?


A chemical laboratory is a place where you experiment with chemicals and try to make new compounds and yet be safe! Y...

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February  27,  2019

Accuracy of a Vernier Caliper!


Before even going into what a Vernier caliper is, let’s first know what a caliper is. 

A caliper...

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